Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On personal responsibility and abortion

On Feb. 14, 2007, 21-year-old Edrica Goode became the third woman in four years to die after an abortion at a California mill.

On Jan. 31, a Riverside Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner (note, non-physician) started a late-term abortion on Goode. She inserted seaweed sticks called laminaria to dilate Goode's cervix, despite finding an "odiferous creamy-colored discharge" indicative of infection, according to a lawsuit Goode's mother, Aletheia Meloncon, filed last week.


The reaction of pro-aborts to Goode's death? From the standard bearers – Ms. Magazine, PP, NARAL, National Abortion Federation – nothing. No outcry for safer, more regulated abortions.

From abortion apologists?

According to blogger World Wide Rant, "Edrica Goode died because of her own willful negligence or general stupidity."


Some comments on my blog:

"That woman had access to a clean, safe abortion, and yet chose to go way out of her way to get an infection and die."

"She knew what to do and chose not to do it. It was suicide."

"She was an adult who chose to ignore medical advice and refused treatment until it was too late. This is America. If she chose that path, what was Planned Parenthood supposed to do? Track the signal from her radio collar, fire a tranquilizer dart into her a--, chase her till she dropped and treat her by force?"

"It sounds like the mother, the only person answering questions, may be conflating the autopsy findings."

"How can you pro-lifers be so shameless as to use the untimely death of another as baseless political capital?"

Two women died of late-term abortions. Pro-lifers mourn all four lives lost. Pro-aborts mourn only the one that furthers their agenda and trivialize or ridicule the others.

Just more evidence they don't care about women, just abortion.


So let's get this straight.

Even though abortion kills a human being, it should be legal-- because even if women understand a coathanger abortion can kill you, they will do it anyway,therefore they are not responsible for their own stupidity and all of society should be re-engineered because of these women's lack of intelligence. They are absolved of all personal responsibility in knowing better and acting accordingly.

But when a woman misunderstands or willfully ignores medical advice-- well, that's her fault, and she should have known better. She is not absolved of her own responsibility.

Why can't women know better if abortion is illegal?

Oh right, because it would mean facing up to the consequences of one's actions and the responsibilities of sexual activity.

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