Thursday, June 21, 2007

TYEE: CBC should only service "progressive" values

It appears that the The Great Canadian Wish List Contest has rankled Elaine Corden at The Tyee:

Great that everyone’s getting involved and everything, participating in a debate, keeping the wheels of democracy turning. But survey after survey, and opinion poll after opinion poll have shown that a clear majority of Canadians are opposed to restrictive abortion laws. And opinion polls also show that the majority of Canadians are not interested in repealing Bill C-38, which legalized same-sex marriage.

There you have. Polls say that a majority of Canadians want legalized abortion, therefore people who disagree must NEVER speak up. They must simply accept what the majority says. They must not think for themselves, they must not challenge the status quo. Unless it's to say something even more left-wing than is what is believed today. Just so we know what to think five years down the line. *roll eyes*.

Clearly, the debate has been seized by a very vocal minority.

"Seized". As if we took something away. As if we were not entitled to speak up in the first place. No no no, only "progressives" have the right to speak. People who don't agree with progressive values must never upset the progressive mindset.

And instead of watching talented singers being kicked off a crappy reality show, I’m watching state-sanctioned homophobia.

But pushing "progressive" propaganda using MY tax dollars is A-OK.

Here: why not just scrap the CBC, and we'll call it even? You can push your ideas on your own dime.

That right-wing traditionalists have weighed into the debate so heavily is not an indictment of their side; rather, just another example of how effective special interest groups can be at mobilizing. I don’t blame them for that.

But she does blame the CBC-- who is supposed to give voice to Canadians-- for giving social conservatives-- who form at least 20-30% of the population-- a platform for their point of view.

Again, ONLY progressives get a voice. Only one point of view.

So “The Great Canadian Wish List” is in fact “Canada’s Next Top Lobbyist”?

This is a contest. It's not a lobby. The prize is coverage, a chance to make a statement to Canada, not to twist a politician's arm to vote a certain way.

So if I put “I wish for a return to slavery” up, and I get 3,000 bigots to join Facebook (or 1,000 bigots with three accounts each, for that matter), then that should be Canada’s greatest wish?

A return to slavery is not supported by a third of the population. But if it were, and there was a vocal lobby pushing for it, why not confront them and debate them?

Popular doesn’t always mean right -- which is why we elect politicians to debate issues and don’t just hold popular votes every week.

So politicians determine what is right for the rest of the population? How paternalistic.

That there is no system of checks and balances makes the whole contest laughable at best, contemptible at worst.

To make sure that only progressive wishes are allowable? How tyrannical. Again: progressives are trying to dictate what can or cannot be thought or said.

It seems this contest serves populism, and not the population

Yeah, because people can't take care of themselves. They have to rely on political progressive elites to do the thinking for them, for their own good *roll eyes*.

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