Saturday, June 02, 2007

Vote for "Abolish Abortion" at CBC Facebook Contest

The CBC has organized a contest on Facebook called "The Great Canadian Wish List". The idea is for people to put forward their wishes for Canada, and participants vote for them. The wishes with the most votes get covered by the CBC on Canada Day.

There is a wish right now for "Abolish Abortion". It has a serious shot at winning.

In order to vote, you first have to register on facebook. If you do not have an account on Facebook, you cannot participate. However, if you're concerned about privacy, you can use your first name and an initial.

Second, you must join the Great Canadian Wish List group. Click on "join this group" to the right.

Next, you must vote for Abolish Abortion. Click on "add support".

And you're done.

Now invite all your pro-life friends to join.

This is intended for Canadians. Just so you know.


Please also vote for The Restoration of the Traditional Definition of Marriage. Again, click on "add support".

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