Friday, June 22, 2007

Why one American couple couldn't adopt

I have written many times about the childless nature of my marriage, but I have never discussed much why we elected not to adopt. The last paragraph in that pull quote sums it up pretty well. As we looked into it all we found were hurdles, barriers, blockages, and difficulty. Given our already advanced years, by the time all the bridges had been built, streams forded, hurdles jumped, and objections overcome we would have been much older indeed and we simply did not think it fair to a child to have grandparents for parents. Sure that happens sometimes, but we just felt that to set up such a situation purposefully was wrong, most definitely for a first and quite possible only child. Not to mention that fact that the somewhat reversible nature of adoption in this age was something that we flat out feared. It scared us to death. Selfish perhaps, but it was a major factor.


People often think adoption is as easy as going to the pound and picking up a puppy. It's not quite that simple.

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