Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Publicly funded faith-based schools

The Adventures of Diva Rachel: addresses the issue of funding faith-based schools. Regarding 5000 Hindu students waiting to get into faith-based Hindu schools:

I am happy those 5k students are in public school. They are forced to interact with all cultures on a daily basis in PUBLIC schools. That's exatly how it should be, and that's what Canada is about -- not self-imposed segregation!

Yeah, we should FORCE people to interact, and if they don't like it, well too bad!

For the most part, people don't send their kids to school to segregate themselves from various races or cultures, so much as to learn a worldview.

And that is every parent's right to educate their child in a given worldview. It is their right to send their child to a school to learn a certain worldview.

And it doesn't make you bigoted to grow up learning one worldview. People can grow up learning one religion and still respect others. Or is it only secular, liberal people who are respectful?

Progressives think that their exclusive worldview is the only one that will not lead to bigotry-- they are magically exempted from being narrow-minded when they learn their one worldview.

I can predict the response: but we're open to many ideas.

Yeah, as long as those ideas aren't taught as truths and don't question fundamental liberal notions. They're open insofar as their dogmas aren't questioned.

Which would be fine, if they weren't so morally and philosophically relativistic, denouncing dogma in others but allowing it for themselves.

In fairness, I don't know if Diva Rachel is a philosophical relativist. But a lot of people who share her opinion are.

If the public-funded-religious school is in a non-religious neighbourhood, can the locals attend that school? Or can they discriminate, and turn their backs on the Charter of Rights?

Turning away people based on their willingness to accept a school's philosophy is not unfair discrimination. The Charter gives people the right to disagree.

What I see is the fear that people might actually not want the multicultural, morally relativistic Trudeaupia, and so Diva feels that people have to be forced en masse to accept it. It makes me think of Communist Re-Education camps, except you don't have to commit a crime to go there. What if people don't want public school education? What if they want their kids to grow up religious and live religious lives? Don't they have rights?

Apparently not. Their rights are subsumed to liberal hegemony.