Monday, July 30, 2007

Big Blue Wave mentioned by Maclean's blogger

Awright, so most people's reaction to the headline might be who the hell cares?, but since this is my blog-- and I do-- I just would like to crow about being mentioned by Macleans blogger Kady O'Malley.

(Not to mention my message board, that I don't keep up that often.)

She writes:

Canadian history magazine The Beaver has once again demonstrated that, when it comes to free-for-all online voting, democracy simply doesn't work.

I'm just a bit miffed that people call this a poll.

A call for votes is not a poll.

It's a contest.

The Beaver went looking for responses from anyone who self-selected and responded.

Who in their right mind thinks it's a poll or think anyone thinks it's a poll?

And like in all contests, the people who mobilize the most win.

This is not exclusively a jab at leftists because I've seen conservatives do it, too.

It was a fun little contest. I had a blast getting people to vote.

The winner? Pierre Elliot Trudeau, whose supporters - er, most fervent detractors - made sure that He Who Haunts Us Still got more votes than child serial killers Clifford Olson (#9), Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka (#5)- not to mention Vegas-ensconced songbird Celine Dion (#7). He also easily beat out both other prime ministerial contenders, Stephen Harper (#6) and Jean Chretien (#8).

Pierre Trudeau legalized abortion, which has led to the deaths of three million Canadians. I say that's a comparable legacy. Besides, serial murderers like Bernardo and Olson are mostly forgotten by history books. Historians write thematic subjects that concern a large number of people (mostly). Canadian schoolchildren will know who Pierre Trudeau is, and I doubt pro-lifers in this country will let anyone forget who Morgentaler is, but no one is going to know who those two serial killers are a generation from now, except perhaps as answers to trivia questions.

In fact, an argument could be made that the high villainy ranking of Third Worst Canadian, Dr. Henry Morgantaler, can be directly attributed to the tireless lobby efforts of the Anti-Trudeau voting bloc.

Not all anti-Trudeau people voted for Morgentaler, but most Morgentaler voters voted for Trudeau, if my instincts are correct.

It feels nice to be acknowledged.

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