Monday, July 09, 2007

Canadians: I am looking for your blog suggestions

I've been working on updating Opinions Canada, my Canadian political blogs aggregator.

The point of Opinions Canada is to include blogs of a wide variety of political persuasions. I am looking for blogs dealing with political thought, current events and social issues.

You name it: I have it. If I don't, I want it.

I only have a few simple rules. First, nothing extremely radical. I am talking about blogs that promote full blown white supremacy, nationalist supremacy, or pedophilia. Or anythingthat extreme. I draw the line there. Short of that,I'm open to blogs of any political beliefs. From anarchy to Zionism, it's all good to me.

Second, the blog mustn't constantly have graphic images (sex,nudity and disturbing violence). The occasional offensive picture is fine. Porn is not.

Third,it mustn't constantly contain swear words and gutter language. The occasional f-bomb is fine. The constant use of vulgar language is not.

The vast majority of Canadian political blogs that I encounter would qualify.

Check out the blogroll. Is it missing a favourite blog of yours?

Please make suggestions in the comments suggestion. Include an URL. Suggest your own even.

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