Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family Action Alert in Alberta

Premier Ed Stelmach and Minister of Justice Ron Stevens need to call off their gang of tax paid lawyers that support the curtailment of free speech in Alberta. In a case against Rev.Stephen Boissoin, who wrote a letter to the editor of the Red Deer Advocate, an activist is using the biased Human Rights Commission in an attempt to stop free speech from happening in the free press. Is the activist also thinking he will make some money with his "free speech " case?

Letters to editors are the epitome of free speech and debate. The Charter protects free speech and free press. The Advocate published the letter. Why are they not also being charged by the this activist and HRC?

Why is the government of Alberta intervening using tax payers money to send lawyers to argue before its own Human Rights panel of one against free speech and free press protected in the Charter? And how is it a tribunal (panel) consists of only one lawyer, picked by the Commission? And where cross examination is not allowed, where truth is not required and where the Commission operates under a bias in the Act can there be any fairness and justice? If the letter is found to be hate or propagate hate then will more actions be taken against the newspaper? All questions that ought to be asked not just because of this case but because of the actions of Human Rights commissions all over Canada.

Tell Ed Stelmach and Justice Minister Ron Stevens this is a witch hunt by a professional activist using his free speech rights but misusing a process.

Call them at 310-0000 toll free. Email Stevens at and Stelmach at .

Any ruling from this agenda driven Commission is an error. The notion that any fairness can be given from this "tribunal" is false. Commissions are empowered with an agenda. Even lawyer Borvoy who guided the development of tribunals has recently said that the Commissions which were once a sheild for freedom is now a sword to destroy freedoms.

Email and call your new Premier and ask him to put a stop to this attack on our Charter guaranteed freedom of speech and press. While I do not agree with all that was said in the letter I do think that the freedom of the press and freedom of speech is much more important than whether someone disagrees with someone else.

Brian Rushfeldt
Family Action Coalition

H/T: The Black Kettle.

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