Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In response to Red Tory's post

To people who don't like vulgar language...viewer discretion is advised.

Regarding my post on "Family-Friendly" Free Dominion, Valiantmauz writes at Red Tory's blog:

Apparently, the ACC is under the impression that a forum where "fags", "faggots", "fa..ots" (for the demure), "flaming homos", "limp-wristed flaming faggots" (for the verbose) and "queer" (for the concise) are preferred terminology for the anally-inclined constitutes a "serious discussions from a conservative perspective that don't become a verbal free-for-all with no respect for anyone's sensitivities".

To which Red Tory responded:

Valiantmauz — Un-fucking-believable. I'm speechless. How can one person LIE so much in such a short space? It's astounding.

Free Dominion is not a verbal free-for-all. I conceded that sometimes the posters are vulgar, but that's not the standard that is desired.

And Free Dominion doesn't seek to cater to the liberal agenda. So people on the liberal side of the spectrum will be offended. But the use of vulgar words on Free Dominion is relatively limited, and certainly discouraged.

To prove my point, do a Google search on the terms listed above. Out of over 80 000 threads, only 24 posts had the term "fags" and a lot of those were re-quoted in other posts or used in identifying Fred Phelps (i.e. Mr. "God hates fags).

Faggots appeared 5 times, and it was re-quoted.

I find it disingenuous to blame us for the use of the word "queer" when gays use it for themselves. "Queer" appeared in over 1600 posts, but many of them were used to identify elements of the gay culture, e.g. Queer City Cinema.

That's 1600 posts out of 1 million.

Heck, throw in queers.

Hardly a barrage of vulgar words.

And no, those are not the "preferred" words for gay people. Just do a search on "gay". You get 20 000 posts

Compare this with Babble. The thread titles themselves contain graphic language. Let alone the posts.

Just because one does not agree with the agenda doesn't mean it isn't a serious discussion site.

And no, I don't watch that much t.v.

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