Friday, July 20, 2007

The lack of unborn victims of crime bill: antiquated justice

Holly's Fight for Justice reprinted a letter from Canadian citizen Dena Gallant, to Canadian politicians. Here are some excerpts:

The thing that keeps haunting me is that Liana White was a victim of "homicidal violence" that marks on her body indicated she had been involved in a struggle before she died. She was fighting not only for her own life but the life of her unborn child. The life of that child mattered to her, it matters to the medical community and it matters to other pregnant women across this country and every women who ever had a baby, but it does not seem to matter to YOU.

How many more pregnant women have to be murdered before elected officials of this Country stand up and Say - NO MORE! Human Life Accounts for Something! It is an absolute disgrace that those who commit such crimes are not charged for the death of the unborn child.


Research indicates the history of this outdated Canadian law not to treat an unborn child as human "Of infants killed ye are to distinguish whether they be killed in their mothers womb or after their births; in the first case it is not adjudged murder; for that none can judge whether it be a child before it be seen."

These archaic words, written by Andrew Horne in the early 1300's in his treatise The Mirror of Justices, were lent an unlikely resonance by a majority decision of the Supreme Court of Canada last year in a court case. The ancient quote by Andrew Horne represents the earliest expression of the "born alive" rule, the common law authority governing the law on homicide of the unborn child; it was a conservative reflection of the state of medical ignorance at the time. So little was known about pregnancy, and pre-natal life in the womb, that an evidentiary rule was required; a child had to be observed to be born before one could deduce the presence of a new human being. Incredibly over the last 600 years the law has changed little. Despite an explosion of medical knowledge about human life in the womb over the last three decades, the 'born alive" rule still dominates the Canadian legal definition of personhood. This ongoing reluctance of Canadian law to grasp the manifest continuity of an individual's human life before and after birth limits our justice system from creating rational, compassionate judgments regarding prenatal humans.

No of course, most people hold to these views to some degree.

But not Canada's left-wing establishment.

In the words of Joyce Arthur:

Oh, but what about the fetus? Shouldn't everyone care about what happens to it? Well...NO, actually. And there are two good reasons for that:

A. Fetuses are not that important.
B. Fetuses are none of our business.

There you have it. Fetuses are declared by fiat not to be important, so there you go. Never mind how millions of Canadians treat their own unborn children, the feminist elite and their enablers in this country have declared unborn members of the family have NO importance in order to preserve their sacrosanct right to abortion.

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