Friday, July 13, 2007

The latest abortion stats are out in Canada (2004)

StatsCan has just released the latest numbers on abortion from the year 2004. In 2004 there were 100 039 abortions in Canada.

The numbers are down from last year, but there could be a host of factors that mask the real numbers of abortions. For instance, it is not obligatory for clinics to respond to the StatsCan questionnaire. I think it should be mandatory. The total may not include the total of chemical abortions. There would have to be an analysis comparing stats on pregnancy outcomes and abortions. That could help clarify the real state of affairs.

The stat that jumps out at me is that abortions were down by 931 in BC-- that's about 9%. That's not insignificant.

It would be a great psychological boost to the pro-life movement if we could reduce the number of abortions to under the 100 000 level (as well as the abortion rate).

The abortion rates are still ridiculously high. It fell under the 30 per 100 pregnancies rate to 29.7, but that's just outrageous-- for every 100 births, 30 women killed their unborn children. In Quebec, the figure is 41 per 100. The rate per women is astounding in Quebec-- in 2004, two percent of Quebec women aged 15 to 44 had an abortion. If approximately 2 per cent of women get abortions every year, that's about 15-20 per cent of the female population.

Really, the pro-life movement should work harder in Quebec. There's our real Achilles heal (mind you, things aren't that great in the rest of the country, either).

There's a discussion thread about this subject on Free Dominion. I doubt this will be my last word on this subject!

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