Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Left-wingers are ignorant about the Catholic Church

At least nine times out of ten, when non-Catholics comment on Church affairs, they don't have a clue.

They believe everything the MSM tells them-- all the while saying it cannot be trusted.

Take for instance, Queer Liberal:

First the Latin mass approved again to make sure those low-life (in Benedict's mind) Catholic followers in the flock can't understand what's being said on the altar,

Yeah, the pope really thinks all the followers are real low-lifes-- that's why he's spent his whole life in service of them.

The decision to allow the Tridentine Mass did not mean the replacement of the present vernacular Mass.

It means that those who so desire the Mass, may have it said.

And the people who go looking for the Tridentine Mass usually understand enough Latin because they want it.

Then Red Tory writes:

now the Vatican says that Roman Catholics are better Christians than those of other denominations (that aren’t “full churches of Jesus Christ”).

It wasn't about which people are better Christians, but which Church has the Truth.

Yes, people do think that they have the truth and others are wrong. It's not, in an of itself, offensive.

I don't expect non-Catholics to agree. I expect them to be better informed.

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