Sunday, July 08, 2007

National Campus Life Network needs your help

Pro-lifers, here is your chance to make a difference in the cause of unborn children.

Who do we most need to convince of the horrors of abortion?

The young.

National Campus Life Network is an organization that promotes the rights of the unborn child across the country. Right now, it is in financial need. It needs to raise money to fund two staff positions in order to continue this vital work.

What it needs are regular monthly donations amounting to $2000 a month. Donors will be able to follow the activities of this organizations through newsletters and emails.

Many of the people who were instrumental in mobilizing pro-lifers during the Great Canadian Wish List were from National Campus Life Network. They worked very hard. I think they are an essential element in creating political momentum for the cause.

I would like for you to prayerfully consider donating to this organization. Sarah Buckle, the Western Canada Director, can answer your questions.

It would be a darn shame for NCLN to lay off staff because pro-lifers are too financially stingy. Remember what I said about wanting to win badly enough. If we don't want it badly enough that we're not willing to give our money to this cause, we don't deserve to win, and the unborn will continue to suffer.

To any pro-life bloggers reading this: if you could pass on this message, it would be greatly appreciated.

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