Monday, July 09, 2007

On the liberal definition of "hate"

Apparently, Towards a Just Society thinks that my denunciation of homosexual behaviour leads to people getting beat up.

All kinds of behaviour gets denounced all the time, and people do not get beat up for it.

Homosexuals get beat up by anti-social thugs. This thuggery is used as an excuse to silence people who want to denounce homosexual behaviour without the slightest intention of harming anyone.

It's simply propaganda.

A small minority of people are being used to sterotype the majority of the participants in the rally. Is this fair?

These nudists were included in the Pride Parade. Their behaviour was deemed acceptable, even though public nudity is against the law. Not all gays think the same, but the people who run the Pride Parade seem to think that public nudity is a right, which was the point of the post.

Actually, the point of the post was to poke fun at the idea of Mike Duffy being nude. But that was lost on people.

Suzanne refuses to address Simon’s argument, choosing instead to burst into red-faced indignation and says the she resents being called a homophobe and calls those who would have the sheer audacity to believe that gays and lesbians deserve equal rights in Canada “facists”.

Yeah, I resent being called a "homophobe" on my own blog by a guy who thinks I'm out to kill and torture gays. I don't deal with people who are so delusional and immature.

He writes:

If that’s not hate, I’m not sure what it is.

Hate is not telling people they're doing something wrong.

In his eyes, I am doing something wrong.

Is that hate?

If it's hate, then he's no better than me, right?

If it's not hate, then denouncing a behaviour does not amount to hate.

Suzanne doesn’t get the idea that going around saying that something is evil, vile, wrong and sinful, results in people being robbed, beaten, pistol whipped, tied to a fence in a remote rural area and then being left to die. It also results in poor, gay kids thinking that they are not good enough to live in this world.

Or maybe poor self-esteem leads to people conceiving of themselves as homosexual.

Maybe that's why they think they're gay AND they want to kill themselves.

For every person who says that homosexuality is a devient, disgusting, vile, evil, sinful lifestyle, there are two people who will turn and say, “you - my brother, my sister - stand equal to me”. In the end, Suzanne, that is all we need and your voice will go mute amongst the sea of people who believe passionatly in equality and justice.

But I believe in equality. Equality has NOTHING to do with behaviuor. I think Morgentaler is equal to me. I think any gay person is equal to me.

I do not believe all behaviour is equal, though.

Just because you do not accept a political agenda doesn't make you a hater.

Just because you disagree with a given behaviour does not make you a hater.

But it does in the eyes of the left. Being wrong means being a hater in their eyes.

What really makes a person a hater is what they wish for another and the way they treat another.

I only wish the best for people with homosexual attraction. I bear no ill will to those who have this condition, but I do resist the agenda of those who want to re-engineer society to make everyone believe and act as if homosexual behaviour were acceptable.

It is not.

I do not believe in the long run that homosexual agenda will in because people's common sense will prevail. Homosexual behaviour of its very nature leads to medical complications and pre-mature death. Condoms don't stop that. Just as people see the negative effects of abortion, they will see the negative effects of homosexual behaviour.

I am simply being called a "hater" because I do not agree.

I think it's really too bad the left has used this effective label to stfle dissent. One day, that label will be so threadbare and overused (if it's not already) that it will become ineffective when authentic hate confronts us.

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