Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pro-abortion movement: too scared to show the truth

Once again, Birth Pangs is trying to satirize the pro-life movement-- trying being the operative word.

Fern Hill writes:

And by the way, that’s not a baby, that’s a faked-up photo of a blob of tissue.

If you actually look at the pictures, they actually aren't blobs of tissue.

You see eyes, a nose, a mouth, arms, legs and so on.

But they have to persist in the blobs of tissue myth because if people come to realize that these are actually babies, there might be a revolt against feminism.

And they say that the pictures are fake.

If they're so fake, then show us what real abortions look like. Get an aborted fetus, reconstitute his parts, take a picture of the parts, then enlargen it to about six feet tall.

I've noticed that no poor-choicer has ever taken up that challenge. They're too scared. It's easier to make up accusations that the photos are fake then to actually prove that they are with other pictures.

Does the pro-abortion movement have something to hide?

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