Friday, August 10, 2007

Australian Pol: Too many Christians in parliament

THERE are too many Christians in parliament and they don't reflect the make-up of modern Australia, Democrats leader Lyn Allison said today.

Following an address via the internet to 770 churches across the country by John Howard and Kevin Rudd last night, the Democrats leader said called for perspective in the political debate.

Senator Allison said separation of church and states was always an issue for a secular society, but more so at a time when church welfare groups were being asked to pick up the burden for what were once government services.

Let me get this straight.

This "over-representation" of Christians was voted in by the people....

And it's not representative of the general population?

Is she saying that Australian political institutions are not democratic?

Is she saying that Christians should stop trying to stand for election?

Is she saying that there are too many Christians trying to help out?

Rampant secularism always persecutes Christianity. The best predictor of future results is past results

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