Tuesday, August 07, 2007

CBC documentary is actually fair to so-con views

It's very rare that I watch anything on the CBC that is even half-fair to social conservatives.

The End-Times must be near, because The Big V is actually decent. Maybe even good.

The Big V is a documentary about virgins, born-again virgins and, in general, people who are waiting to have sex.

A lot of the focus was on Christians who decided to wait, or who were "reclaiming" their virginity. I have to say, the people in the documentary were better-looking than average. When people think of adult virgins, they think of Comic-Book Guy characters who have deficiencies in their personality and their physical appearance. This wasn't the case with the subjects.

Some of the subject matter made me feel a bit uncomfortable. They talked about how some Muslim women get hymen reconstruction surgery, which made me cringe. Not something I really want to think about.

Then there was the gay guy who is deciding not to have sex until he meets his life partner. I'm glad he's celibate, and he shows a lot of independence but that was one hat tip to political correctness that didn't really jibe with me.

But the overall gist of the documentary was really good. One of the main subjects was a former Australian model who didn't have any physical contact with men until the kiss at the altar. I would just hate to have my first kiss in front of a crowd like that. That made me cringe,too.

I really think that if you showed that to a bunch of high school students, it could influence some of them to wait until marriage.

I hope they run this documentary again. I encourage you to watch it. It's actually worth the time.

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