Monday, August 20, 2007

Challenging pro-abortion propaganda

Birth Pangs claims...

35 states require parental consent or at least notification before a minor woman can have an abortion.

Yeah, because it would wrong to make sure a parent knew about their daughter's medical operation. [*rolleyes*]

31 states ban the life-saving procedure idiotically named ‘partial-birth abortion’.

"Idiotically named"?

Let's see.

The baby in this operation is partially inside the birth canal, partially outside.

No, I'd say "partial birth abortion" is a very apt description.

And these feminists bloggers are completely okay with a healthy baby having his skull crushed, or his body dismembered. Hey, if a baby has to suffer in the name of feminism, that's A-OK with them! They don't give a damn about a baby's pain!

36 states have fetal protection laws.

That's right. If an unborn member of your family is killed, but the mother is not, there is justice rendered to the aggrieved family.

They don't care about the victim's family's pain, either!

forcing women who want abortions to view totally unnecessary and perhaps dangerous ultrasounds

Yeah...women should be ignorant about the fetus they're carrying inside. (And women are not obliged to view the pictures).

Save lives! Stop Strictly Policed Pregnancy!

This has to do with regulating abortion. Which most Canadians would support. Nice how they spun this about being regulating pregnancy.

There are many good reasons to be concerned about SPP, but the abortion issue isn't one of them.

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