Monday, August 27, 2007

CHINA: Couple sues govt. agency for forced abortion at 9 months

Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Jin Yani was nine months pregnant on the night of Sept. 7, 2000, when, she says, six family-planning officials came to her home in northern China's Hebei province and forced her to go to a local abortion center.

They injected her fetus with a drug, she says, and two days later extracted what would have been a baby girl. While the pregnancy was illegal because Jin conceived the child five months before marrying the father, forced abortions are also against China's laws.

Jin, 27, and her husband, Yang Zhongchen, 39, sued the local family-planning agency, and a district court in Changli county ruled against them in May. Now a higher court has accepted an appeal, the first for a case against the family- planning laws. The suit has focused attention on the administration of China's 28-year-old one-child policy. It also demonstrates that standing up to the Chinese authorities is possible, to a point.


Good for them! I hope they rake in a hefty settlement for their pain.

Aside from the co-ercion aspect of it, the feminists are not opposed to nine-month-old fetuses being killed. It's just part of the woman's body, right? Who cares if the baby died and suffered in agony. As long as it's the woman's decision. That makes it all okay.

Some people will object: "But people don't abort at nine months". The point is not whether they do or not-- the question is whether the unborn has any kind of moral status. Radical feminists say no, and must never have any moral status to secure their power over their bodies. They think it's quite alright for a baby at nine months to be killed.

Even Henry Morgentaler wasn't that callous.

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