Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christian convert in Egypt forced into hiding

Christians in the west don't have half the courage of this guy:

Hegazy, 25, made a public splash when he took the unusual step of going to court to change his religion on his national ID card. His first lawyer filed the case but quit after the uproar; his second is still considering whether it's worth pursuing.

Hegazy said he received telephoned death threats before he went into hiding in an apartment with his wife, a Muslim who took the name Katarina when she converted to Christianity several years ago. She is four months pregnant.

He said he wants to change the religion on his ID for two reasons: to set a precedent for other converts and to ensure his child can openly be raised Christian. He wants his child to get a Christian name, birth certificate and eventually marry in a church. That would be impossible if Hegazy's official religion is Muslim, because a child is registered in the religion of the father.

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