Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Concerned Women of America on Fetal Heart Injections

Concerned Women of America has an audio file discussing the implementation of fetal heart injections to get around the Partial Birth Abortion ban.

My main criticism of this interview is that they say this technique is new.

It's not new at all.

It's been used for several years now in Canada-- for at least the better part of the last decade.

And taxpayers pay for it.

I don't know that potassium chloride does make it into the mother's body-- unless the abortionist misses the baby and injects the chemicals in the mother somehow. Can you imagine: potassium chloride or digoxin in your system?

It's not necessary to terminate a pregnancy. It's a means to kill the baby-- pure and simple. To terminate a pregnancy, all you have to do is deliver the baby-- not that I favour this. I am saying this because it shows that it's not about "controlling a woman's body", but killing a baby. You don't need to kill the baby to "control" the body. But it's done anyway, because that's really the goal. If autonomy were really the goal, then the baby wouldn't have to be killed.

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