Thursday, August 09, 2007

Creator of Wish List Contest is a Church Elder

WHEN Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Mike Wise came up with an idea to get Canadians talking, he had no idea what to expect. He certainly didn't expect abortion to be the primary issue Canadians wanted to talk about.


Wise is an elder in Glenview Presbyterian Church, though he said he was careful not to let his personal opinions intrude in the process. He said many critics thought the CBC might try to control the results, but the comments were not censored or moderated. Almost 300 participants even subscribed to a wish to "abolish the CBC."

On the whole, Wise was very pleased with the result. "The participation levels were great," he said, adding that the discussions "for the most part were serious and on topic."

I'm shocked that the CBC would have a Christian pastor on its roster of reporters.

And oh yeah...

While critics pointed out that the Wish List results differ significantly from public opinion polls, Wise insisted the format was never intended to be a scientific poll and that to some extent it measured "depth of feeling." He suggested the exercise demonstrated there are "large pockets of strong feeling" on both sides of the various issues.

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