Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feminist: pregnancy is unique-- so it's okay to kill

Pregnancy is a unique condition that demands special treatment as a matter of simple equality. It is this uniqueness that, in my view, provides the basis for the right to terminate a pregnancy. Forcing a person to share her body with another living creature (whether one classifies it as a "potential person" or as a "person") for nine months against her will is a grave assault on her bodily integrity, particularly given the sex-specific nature of the burden.

The mental acrobatics are incredible.

Pregnancy is not a violation of bodily integrity. It is precisely because a woman's reproduction system works that conception can take place. Pregnancy is not a violation of bodily integrity-- it is the result of bodily integrity.

It's just that many people do not like the product of that bodily integrity, so they redefine what bodily integrity is.

This is what happens when people view fertility as a disease and not as something natural.

Secondly, even if we were to admit that it is a violation of bodily integrity, it is a temporary condition brought on by one's own choices.

Thus, what she is saying is that even if you consider the fetus an equal human being, society must allow for his life to be permanently sacrificed for the comfort of the woman.

Does anyone see the insanity of that position?

When do we allow for other human beings to die except when there is a need for self-defense?

The mother is not going to die because of pregnancy. Just about no one dies because of pregnancy in North America. Even for the handful of women who do have a life-threatening issue, the first choice should be managed care and a wait-and-see approach, not abortion.

Feminists harp on about how women die due to the lack of abortion. For the most part it is a load of crap. The vast majority of abortions are not done because the woman would otherwise die of an underlying condition (such as heart disease) or because she's dumb enough to shove a coathanger up her crotch. The vast majority of women abort because they can (and because they do not subscribe to the equality of unborn children).

And because of this quest for comfort, this avoidance of hardship, Sherry Colb says it's A-OK for another human being to have to pay with his life.

In the feminist worldview: some people have the right to life.

Some don't.

It's chilling.

Who else are they going to say does not have the right to life?

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