Friday, August 24, 2007

A fetus is a nothing, but we'll cover your loss

Jill Stanek highlighted a column in the Times-Mail, a newspaper in Indiana.

The administration of that hospital remedied that situation, however. No longer will women have to wonder what has happened to their aborted infants, the ones who had the tenacity to be alive after the heinous procedure. No, the kind-hearted administration of that particular hospital has allowed a room set aside for the mourning of these infants who do not make it to the trash can in pieces. There is a rocker, a camera for those first/final photos, comfortable chairs and refreshments for those who are having a difficult time accepting their choice.

A mourning room. For the parents. Kill the fetus-- by all means-- but treat his death as if he died naturally. No one really caused it-- he was going to die anyway. It's all so very innocent. No poison was injected in his heart, no attempt was made to dismember him. Killing him was all for the best...How convenient.

Has anyone ever thought of just letting the baby live until birth, and then giving him palliative care when he dies? After all, these abortions are only done on babies with serious medical problems, right?

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