Sunday, August 12, 2007

Former Islamist wants to fight extremism

When I first left [Hizb, an Islamist group], I emphasised that the challenges of Islamist extremism could never be overcome until the Muslim community formulated its own response. Since meeting Ed and becoming aware of the emerging network of other former members, many of them also holding a senior rank at one time, I was reassured. An influential figure still within the movement, but who is close to leaving, told me and Ed recently, “Don’t worry, your message is being heard.”

I post an excerpt from this article, to promote the moderate Muslims.

I have no grudge with people who want to live out their religious beliefs in peace while respecting democratic freedoms. I do not want Muslims to be painted with the same brush, that is, as terrorists. But Muslims must do their part to contribute to the rehabilitation of their image in the West, and I am happy to do my bit in this regard. Hopefully this message will spread across the world, and we will no longer have to fight over Islamism. A naive hope, but I have to put my faith in this hope if anything is going to change.

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