Monday, August 20, 2007

Judie Brown on abortion and jailtime

Because we as a society have lost our sense of right and wrong when it comes to abortion, we have to remind people that abortion is indeed a crime, and it is a crime in which the victim is indeed a human being — the least of our brothers and sisters, the preborn child. It is only when personhood is restored under the law to every innocent preborn child that there will be time enough to debate criminal consequences for the criminal act of abortion.

The role of the pro-life movement in America is not to say or do what is acceptable to society. Our role is to tell the truth and make people uncomfortable about legalized murder. We must not be intimidated by those who want us to argue that abortion is something other than what it is. Abortion is a dreadful criminal act.

Reminding America that abortion kills children is not a bad thing; it is the truth. And it is this truth that recognizes that the only way to end abortion is to call it by its proper name and to be prepared to secure protection for all preborn babies.

I think that we not only have to show the world that abortion is murder, but that the unborn child is equal. Because until the unborn child is accepted as an equal, there will never be true justice.

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