Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last night's interview with Stephanie Gray & Dawn Fowler

Last night Stephanie Gray, head of the CCBR, was interviewed on CKNW Vancouver to talk about the latest campaign with the little Truck of Abortion Horrors.

It was so novel to hear the truth about abortion and the unborn child put forward in the mainstream media.

Dawn Fowler (and not Vicki Saporta) gave her side of the debate. Her argument about the pictures was: "How did they obtain these pictures"? (Evasion) and "They don't look like any abortions I've ever seen." (More evasion).

Look, all the NAF has to do to disprove that's not what abortions look like is take pictures of aborted fetuses, reconstitute them, and put them up on their website. Really simple. If the pictures do not look like human beings, then there are no worries, right?

Are they afraid to show what abortion looks like? What do they have to hide?

People who have nothing to hide hide nothing.

The truth is, though, they are afraid of people seeing what abortions look like. It might make a dent in their profits.

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