Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life has a funny way...of helping you out

I am reminded of the song Ironic when I read this blogpost at Real Choice.

She quotes the Feminists for Life blog:

I am so sick and tired of this "pro-choice" "argument." Yes, saying you'd keep an unplanned pregnancy is a lot easier when you're working in hypotheticals. But saying, "I know you'd do this," is ridiculous, insulting, and impossible to prove.

How would the pro-chiocers like it if, in the middle of a debate, a pro-lifer said, "You support abortion now, but if you ever felt a baby growing inside you, you'd keep it"? Why is it okay to do it to us?

Nevermind the fact that it totally invalidates the experiences of women who have gone through with unplanned pregnancies, either to keep the baby or give it up for adoption. Obviously they don't count.
Christina at Real Choice replies:

It's because I had that unplanned, unwanted pregnancy that I'm hardcore prolife. I know what the abortion lobby almost stole from me, from my family, from the world. I'm prolife precicesly because I feel for the woman who finds out she's pregnant under difficult circumstances. And I don't think shunting her off to get vacuumed out, then abandoning her, is kind or helpful or decent. It's treating her like a second-class citizen undeserving of any real effort.

Okay, it's not really ironic (just like the song) but unexpected circumstances can produce unexpected results...like experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and ensuing hardship can make one pro-life.

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