Friday, August 03, 2007

Mayor of Truro, NS won't hoist gay rights flag

Mayor Bob Mills deserves a round of applause for standing up for Christian values. He won't raise the gay rights flag at City Hall during a "Pride" event.

A Nova Scotia mayor has refused to fly the gay pride flag for a pride event, saying it promotes a lifestyle that conflicts with his religious views -- and most of the town's council backed him.

Members voted 6-1 Friday against a request from a local pride group to fly the rainbow-coloured flag at Truro's town hall next week.

And the mayor, Bill Mills, made it clear his decision was motivated by his Christian beliefs.

Finally, a Canadian politician with some backbone.

Please email the Mayor and congratulate him for his stand. Spread the word.

Customers at the local business were appalled by the mayor's views, and said the decision let many constituents down.

"I think they have a right to fly that flag. I think the mayor was quite wrong in his comments," Mary Baird said.

Sure they have the right to fly that flag. What irks me is the sense of entitlement. Why do gays feel their flag must be accepted or else?

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