Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MS Society funding adult stem cell research

Two doctors in Ottawa have been conducting trials, primarily funded by the MS Society of Canada, using human bone marrow cells to treat diseased immune systems.

Their study meshes with others from around the world that are looking into the possibility of transforming these bone marrow stem cells into any other cell in the body.

If successful, this research opens a whole new realm of possible medical therapies.


They've already been successful with adult stem cells, whereas there has been no success with embryonic stem cells. Too bad this otherwise good editorial does not mention it.

I emphasized the fact that the MS Society is funding this, because at Christmas time, many pro-lifers like to give to research charities, and now they have to be selective, as many research groups now favour or fund studies using embryonic stem cells. The MS Society is now potentially a worthwhile charity, assuming they do not fund embryonic stem cell research.

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