Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Potty training at birth is a growing movement

As if parents didn't feel enough pressure and competition...

Parents Begin Potty Training at Birth

Oy, sounds like too much work.

Part of the motivation is to not fill up landfills with diapers.

Isis Arnesen, 33, of Boston, has a 14-week-old daughter, Lucia, who is diaper-free. She said it can be awkward to explain the process to people, such as when she helped Lucia relieve herself in a sink at a public restroom.

Oh yuck!

I get enough of "my baby was toilet trained at 18 months" from older women. I don't need this.

Can you picture all these women sitting around when they're grandmothers:

"My baby was toilet trained at 3 months".

"Mine was toilet trained at 6 weeks."

"Mine was toilet trained right out of the womb-- we cut the umbilical cord and made him go."

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