Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scientists make small objects levitate

LONDON (AFP) - Scientists have discovered a ground-breaking way of levitating ultra small objects, which may revolutionise the design of micro-machines, a new report says.

Physicists said they can create "incredible levitation effects" by manipulating so-called Casimir force, which normally causes objects to stick together by quantum force.

We live in an age where amazement is rare, because it seems like nothing is astonishing any more.

And along comes this.

Wow. Levitation.

Saints have been known to levitate. Although I strongly doubt they or someone they knew manipulated the Casimir force, it'd be interesting to see future scientist/theologians analyze these levitations in the light of this new scientific discovery. St. Teresa of Avila is said to have levitated during her raptures, and St. Joseph of Cupertino levitated in front of large crowds.

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