Monday, August 27, 2007

UK: Women threatens late-termination to keep child

This is a very twisted story.

Fran Lyon of Hexham, England, says she feels she may have no choice but to seek a late abortion of her baby (whom she's already named Molly (!)).

Social services is threatening to take her baby away from her, based on a mental health assessment of a-- get this-- pediatrician and another medical professional-- whom she has has barely met.

They're worried that she will develop Munchausen Syndome by proxy, whereby she will make up an illness in the child to get attention.

She did have psychiatric issues, but the psychiatrist who actually treated her is backing her fight to keep her baby.

And the social services people say:

“We have written to the client to inform her how she can appeal against recommendations, but it is important to point out that current recommendations will still be subject to further assessment and review, and there will be a chance for further input from professionals.”

Further input from professionals! Doesn't sound like they're really confident of their assessment, does it.

Oh and by the way...

The case comes as concerns are mounting over the numbers of babies being taken from parents, with critics saying councils need to meet adoption “targets”.

A woman with a past that includes serious mental health issues is an easy target.

I am sympathetic to the woman, but if she aborts, she will just screw herself up even more. I deeply hope her psychiatrist recommends against this. If she has the baby, she'll always have the chance to get her back.

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