Sunday, August 19, 2007

United Way won't give to Planned Parenthood in Buffalo

But now, Planned Parenthood leaders say the United Way is withholding some of its funding, because it has a policy to deny funds to organizations that provide abortions.

The United Way should be commended for taking a stance against abortion. I hope pro-lifers in Buffalo give generously to the United Way.


More details

Local Planned Parenthood officials said they hope to be able to apply for grants in areas that dovetail with the United Way’s goals.

“In so many ways we have common objectives in mind — healthier communities, healthier families,” Meyers said. “The goal isn’t just to stir up the dust. The idea is to work through an issue and move on to have a good working relationship.”

Why the heck is Planned Parenthood getting any money from charity? They make money every year! They shouldn't get a dime.

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