Saturday, August 18, 2007

When your allies aren't good enough for you

I am somewhat concerned about SPP. I do not like the idea of a European-style union in North America. I like the USA, and I generally like Americans-- but I'm Canadian.

And I don't want to lose my ability to determine what goes on in my country.

Now, I've thought about looking into going to the protest at Montebello, but the notion of protesting with lefties turns me off.

Not because they are lefties.

But because of the contempt that the left shows to the right... even when they're in agreement.

Apparently, there will be a press conference in Ottawa featuring very right-wing Americans who oppose SPP.

But some lefties aren't happy about that.

I'm not very familiar with most of these people. But I am familiar with the John Birch Society, and I'm not keen on them, either.

So what to when you're not happy about who's on side?

My suggestion: 1) Ignore the people you don't like. 2) get more middle-of-the-road people involved.

If you get lots of people from a variety of political backgrounds, your movement looks credible and saleable from a variety of points of view.

However, I fear that there are many on the left who only want their views promoted by and among the right people. It's not enough to want to win, you have to win with the right crowd.

That is a formula for losing.

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