Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bishop Plouffe: Please send a CLEAR SIGNAL!

It looks like that Amnesty International can still meet at a Catholic high school in Sault Ste. Marie-- for now.

The local Bishop-- Jean-Louis Plouffe-- said:

"If, in the Sault, the fact that they are meeting in a Catholic school gives the wrong signal that our church has changed its position concerning abortion then we have a problem," he said on the road near North Bay.

"(My advice to trustees is) make sure whatever you do does not compromise Catholic teaching on respect for life. They really have to give it some thinking. Where do they want to lead the board? They are responsible. On issues like this they know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable."

I know what he wants them to do: not let the group meet. Not cause scandal.

Bishop Plouffe: if that is indeed what you want, you must send a stronger signal.

The problem with the bishops today is that they couch EVERYTHING they say in such politically correct and diplomatic language that it leaves their message open to interpretation.

And when that happens, liberals take advantage of that to push their liberal agenda.

We must stop it now.

Is it acceptable for the Church to support a group that works against the equality of the unborn child and does not recognize his human rights?

No it is not.

For too long, the church has been mealy-mouthed in the practical day-to-day issues. Nobody puts their foot down.. No one says: reject fetal rights? That's unacceptable.

Let's send a clear message: the right to life is integral to the Catholic Faith. It's not an optional or disputable doctrine: it's a fact of morality that we must all accept.

I hope the bishop makes this clear.

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