Tuesday, September 11, 2007

British women talk about their abortions

There are many good stories in this article from the Daily Mail.

The article asks the women who've had abortions whether the limit should be lowered.

One woman said:

I don't think the abortion limit should be moved to 13 weeks because that would have been too late for me to have my abortion - and my life would have been ruined.

Then she describes her abortion:

It was horrendous. After two hours the contractions started, and I clung onto the hand of the midwife. Once I felt the baby starting to come, I had to go into the toilet and let it drop onto a stainless steel tray.

"Don't look," said the midwife. "Keep your eyes straight in front of you and walk away immediately." There was no way I could have looked down and seen my baby. I was numb.

By then I was bleeding heavily, but I was allowed to go home. I went straight to bed and told my mum I had a very heavy period. For two days I lay in bed, shocked and exhausted, but I still I knew I had done the right thing.

Three months later, I started university. I coped by just blanking the abortion out. I would make the same decision again, but it has affected my life. I am paranoid about getting pregnant, and haven't had a successful relationship since.

Let's get this straight. She made the right decision, but it was incredibly traumatic. It was so awful, she has to blank it out of her head.

How can doing something so traumatic to oneself can be "the right decision"?

This also jumped out at me. Another woman said:

In my mind, it was not a proper baby yet so I didn't feel like I was killing something. Now, when I hear how babies can have a heartbeat at six weeks, it does upset me.

This is precisely why we need informed consent law. Many women do not understand fetal development, and they have the right to know.

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