Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dumb Editorial in the Vancouver Sun re: Capilano College

Today's Vancouver Sun says:

Politics of abortion not a campus 'club' activity


It is clear from the CSU constitution that its club support services are primarily aimed at promoting activities such as juggling, meditation and music therapy, to name just a few.

But oh wait, there's an Asia Pacific Latin American Student Association. Its purpose:

Creating a forum for young canadians and international students to debate contemporary issues in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions. We wish to create a public space that emphasizes the importance of marketing analysis and current events.

That sounds pretty political.

I guess it's okay to be political, as long as you don't step on the CSU's toes.

The Capilano College Student Union claims that Capilano's Heartbeat club:

were denied club status primarily out of respect for the human right of women not to be threatened with the profound discrimination of having control over our bodies taken away.

But, yet again, the pro-legalized abortion side completely neglects the other side of the issue: that this pro-life group wants to give rights to unborn children.

I think that Campus pro-life groups should create a pro-life groups as human rights groups.

That way, it's not about taking women's rights away. It's about giving rights to an oppressed class of human beings.

You have to learn about to play the game.

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