Monday, September 17, 2007

Election update

I've been busy dealing with the election lately so I haven't gotten around to blogging. However, here are some articles for your perusal:

Ontario Liberal Premier McGuinty Boasts of Legalizing Homosexual 'Marriage'

Mr. McGuinty professes one set of values-- in private-- but acts according to another set of values in public.

That is not the way to be a person of integrity.

As a side note, I've been having a discussion with balbulican of Stageleft on the issue of personal conscience and integrity vs. the need to represent one's constituents. He lives in the riding of Nepean-Carleton, the one in which I am a candidate for the Family Coalition Party.

I think it's an important issue. As far as election issues are concerned, it's a bit cerebral, but worth considering.

Another article to view:

Ontario Politics: Neither Conservative Leader Tory nor NDP Leader Object to Gay Sex in Public spoke with Tory's media director Ingrid Thompson about the Xtra interview. Thompson however refused to say specifically that the Party or Mr. Tory objected to sex in public. Thompson would only say that the Party opposed lawbreaking generally. Asked repeatedly for the Conservative Party or Mr. Tory's stand specifically on gay sex in public, Thompson said, "I'm sceptical to be honest with you that we'll be able to say more than that obviously Mr. Tory is someone who stands for respecting the law."

John Tory is so socially liberal, he can't even come out against something so basic as public decency. Even people who do not consider themselves social conservatives would find public gay sex abhorrent.

Can you vote for this man in good conscience?

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