Sunday, September 23, 2007

FCP Candidate Bill Murphy: Protect the vulnerable

Received by email, from Bill Murphy, Family Coalition Party candidate in Sault Ste. Marie

The most dangerous place in Canada for a human being is their mother's womb. For every 100 births we abort 29 children. Those children are wanted children. Just ask one of the many couples desperately seeking to adopt an infant.

The Family Coalition Party (FCP) is the only party that is pro-life. We believe that mothers in a difficult pregnancy deserve full support, as needed, with food, housing, clothing and health needs. We support organizations, selected by pregnant women, which will assist with lodging, physical security, psychological and spiritual counseling, education and information resources.

Pregnancy is not a disease. The FCP will use not use precious public health funds for abortion or other elective procedures like euthanasia and sex-change operations. The FCP would require a cooling-off period so mothers have time to reflect on their situation and consider alternatives. The FCP also supports legislation to protect health care workers from being pressured to act against their conscience.

The FCP applauds the courage of women and fathers, who see a pregnancy through to term and arrange for adoption. As hard as this can be, in the end there is the comfort that they did the right thing for the child. On the other hand, the physical and emotional damage of abortion is enduring. I know. I have talked with women who regret their abortions. Eighty per cent of post-abortive women say that if they had received support from their loved ones, they would have preferred to keep the baby.

We need to reach that 80%.

This Sunday, from 2-3pm, is the annual International Life Chain. I will stand on Great Northern Road with over 300 people who believe that the simple truth of abortion must be declared if we hope to reach that 80%. On October 10th, I will stand for election with the Family Coalition Party. It is the only party that is not burying its head in the sand on this issue. I am proud to do both.

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