Saturday, September 22, 2007

McGuinty: Athletes will get $10 Million

Is this a good expenditure of Ontario's tax revenue?

"We want you to get the support that you need," Mr. McGuinty said. "There's only one catch with Quest for Gold. You can't take the money if you go to the US. But you can travel in Canada. Because we want to keep you here. We want to be proud. We want to nurture a sold foundation of amateur athletics in Ontario, and again in Canada."

In a highly sedentary society, Mr. McGuinty said he is trying to get people on their feet and active.

And how does giving $10 million to top athletes help the average couch potato?

The $10-million investment will also train and certify more "learning facilitators" in the National Coaching Certification Program, provide coach mentors and start a coach salary support program that will help hire five full time coaches.

Yeah, that'll get people off their feet...not.

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