Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On giving up contraception

Mommy Life has an interesting post/discussion going on regarding Evangelicals who give up contraception.

Interesting comment:

I learned that many of my Christian brothers and sisters would make fun of me, mock my intellect, insist I wasn't using my brains, belittle my choices by comparing me to livestock, and decide that hospitality only applied to people with three or less children- and then call people like me judgmental just for not choosing the default position. They would jump to false conclusions about what I believed without actually asking me, but they would not hesitate to share their erroneous assumptions with others behind my back.

And I remembered that I had once known a family of twelve where the parents did not believe in birth control, and that I, a student at the Christian college where this man taught (and was a popular, well liked teacher) had also made fun of him, professed to pity his wife, and had chattered with my friends about how God gave us brains and expects us to use them, and had looked down my 'tolerant' nose at him even while enjoying the company of his children my age, and I was ashamed and deeply regretted my wasted time.

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