Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One woman's story of placing her child for adoption

Surprisingly, the majority thought I should have had an abortion. Apparently abortion in the was more acceptable than adoption for the pro-abortion folks verbally vilified me for "giving your kid away like it was a puppy", harsh hurtful words. But my decision was as difficult as anything I have ever done in my life, and for people to openly judge that I chose her life, was a cruelty that only honed my pain to razor sharpness.

In time though, there was a shift, a lightness, undetectable to everyone but me, and I could finally sleep without tears, and I knew I would be forever changed, but I would survive.

A moving story. A very brave woman.

H/T: Vote Life, Canada!


The author of that piece comments at VLC:

Had abortion been legal when I was conceived my life story would likely have been untold.

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