Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pro-choice violence in Ottawa West-Nepean

From John Pacheco's Campaign Update (received by email):

PRO-ABORT VIOLENCE: The thugs were out last night. Apparently one of my supporters who has a standard FCP lawn sign was targetted. Her car windshield was smashed and even the interior was damaged. Total cost: over $2000. Police have been called in. It's getting nasty out there. Are we really surprised? The violence of abortion begets violence in society. There is no neat little demarcation point.

But supporters of legalized abortion are never violent. They never try to intimidate people, bully or silence them. Ever.

He also writes:

SIGNS: The Returning Officer called today to know if we wanted an updated voters list. In the course of the conversation, he mentioned he had received complaints about the baby signs. Apparently, some people want to know....get ready for this....what the picture of an unborn baby has to do with the family. It sounds kind of ridiculous at first, but once you really start to think about, the complaint really does make perfect sense. There is really very little room for babies today in our culture. That's why our fertility rate is 1.5 children per couple (well below replacement level of 2.2). And that's why we are dying as a society.

My family includes unborn children. I suspect the complaints are from people who are male or never had children. I suspect that most women, even ardent supporters of legalized abortion, consider their unborn babies to be "babies" (especially at 20 weeks) and part of their family, if only in a limited sense.

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