Friday, September 07, 2007

Sex-selection abortions are wrong: Canadian ethicist

Kerry Bowman, PhD, a clinical bioethicist at Mt Sinai Hospital in Toronto, says his physician colleagues refuse to provide sex-determination testing if the patient says they don't want the baby if it's a boy or a girl. However, such patients inevitably go elsewhere — like to the private sector. "Many people learn not to mention it," he says.

"The arguments for it are that this is simply a matter of choice, that our healthcare system is built on autonomy," he says. "But others say we'd be colluding with extreme discrimination, and that is my opinion as well. It really goes against the ethos of the society. In the medical world, we should stand together."


It's really too bad that our free-for-all abortion regime does not clamp down on this form of discrimination. Abortion is so sacrosanct in this country, that even where's than obvious case of discrimination, it's still considered necessary.

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