Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tim Bloedow: Tory wants to eliminate religious schooling

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September 25, 2007

Ontario PC leader admits plan to abolish religious schools

RUSSELL - Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory has already indicated that "faith-based" schools will have to comply with the civil government's weak and immoral curriculum guidelines - and have their teachers certified by the provincial government - if they receive government funding.

This, of course, makes Christian schools and other so-called "faith-based" schools just another arm of the public - or Secular Humanist government - system, eliminating key aspects of their uniqueness. Of course, there will always be people who argue that such a claim is just rhetoric - but will these people who want taxpayer dollars to start rolling in be able to dismiss such claims when they come from the horse's mouth?

In a Globe and Mail article from today ("Caucus dissent grows over schools policy"), John Tory admitted that he sees his funding promise as a way to conflate the private (or at least the religious-private) and public schools into a single "public" system.

The G&M reported as follows: "Tory reiterated that there are only two choices: Fund all religious schools or fund none. 'I've chosen to fund all because I believe that is the right way to go to make sure not one single student, if possible, is left out of public education,' he said."

Left out of what?

According to Mr. Tory, funding these religious schools will make them public schools - part of "public education"!!!

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