Friday, September 14, 2007

Two pro-lifers challenge BC Bubble Zone Law

Donald Spratt and Gordon Watson were in the B.C. Court of Appeal yesterday and today appealing their conviction for breaching the Access to Abortion Services Act.

"We want the act to be declared unconstitutional" on grounds that it infringes on the right to free speech and expression, said Spratt's lawyer, Scott Stenbeck.

Their great big crime? Holding a pro-life placard. Yeah, that's harrassment: a sign telling the truth about abortion killing children.

Joyce Arthur of the Pro-Choice Action Network admits the act infringes "a bit" on freedom of speech but "only in that place, time and manner." She said it is a "very important piece of legislation" that protects the safety of women and staff at abortion clinics.

Not just on those points, but on the ability to reach these women. How can you reach the clientele of the abortion clinic with information they may want to stop the abortion, if you can't reach them?

"It was a godsend," Arthur said "It allowed us to focus on providing a basic health service." The bubble law protects two clinics in Vancouver, the Elizabeth Bagshaw Women's Clinic on West Broadway and the Everywoman's Health Centre.

"Godsend"-- that's rich, coming from an atheist.

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