Saturday, September 29, 2007

Under FPTP, 1.5% of Ontarians decide the election

Interesting argument for MMP:

Here’s an interesting stat to chew on — 1.5% of voters will determine the outcome of the Ontario election. Since the government is decided by a series of one-on-one riding battles, whether we have a Liberal or Conservative government, minority or majority (all four remain possibilities) it will be determined by 5% of voters in the closest 30% of the ridings (i.e. 5% of 30% is 1.5%).

In the other ridings the margin of difference is so large that small shifts in voters have no real impact. For some voters, that creates the impression that their vote doesn't matter.

If you live in a riding where a certain party has "ruled the roost" for decades at a time, it seems only fair to allow those whose votes "don't count" to have a say in the formation of the government.

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