Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Why are some Ontario Conservatives abandoning the PC?

Before I start my post, I just want to say: I like Sandy. She's a good soul.

But naturally, I disagree with her post at The Shotgun.

In the last few days I have noticed a number of BT posts and forum discussions claiming that John Tory is just another Dalton McGuinty. In fact, what I have been reading, much to my dismay is that some fellow conservatives either won't vote in the October 10th election or will vote for the local candidate of their choice -- even if that person is not a PC candidate.

What are they thinking? Why on earth would any conservative rather have four more years of McGuinty than a "progressive" conservative?

What are they thinking?

They are thinking that Dalton and Tory boil down to the same thing: more tax-and-spend liberalism, more social liberalism, nothing to offer for people who want lower taxes and less social engineering.

This kind of internal bickering is why the Liberals win more elections than conservatives.

This "internal bickering" is about vision and principles. What is the point of a conservative voting PC if he's not getting anything conservative in exchange for his vote?

He might as well vote Liberal.

It is dishonest for a party to call itself conservative, entice conservative supporters, not present a conservative platform, then feel entitled to conservative votes.

I'm sorry Sandy. But a principled vote should not be blamed. John Tory is not substantially different from Dalton McGuinty.

Get real. Be loyal even if you have differences. I personally do not like the FB full funding idea. What I would rather see is the income tax credit policy returned. But, I will vote for my local PC candidate — which is a vote for John Tory — and then go to the next Ontario PC policy convention and be heard. That is the right way to do it.

Nobody thought to listen to the so-cons at the last convention, judging from their platform.

Why not just vote for the Family Coalition Party's voucher system? That's a much fairer system (to religious AND non-religious people) and closer to a tax credit than funding faith-based schools.

If PC's want to keep their conservative support, they have to earn it-- not rely on blind partisanship.

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