Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why we need MMP

One common attitude amongst conservatives that I've noticed is that they feel compelled to vote for John Tory, even though they don't believe he is truly conservative. They worry that if they do not vote for John Tory, their vote will be "wasted" on a smaller party whose policies are more to their liking, and that would lead to a victory for the Liberals.

As Family Coalition Party leader Giuseppe Gori explained at an Ottawa meeting last Saturday, in the current system, people tend to vote for or against the perceived front runner. That distorts the perception of the democratic will of the people, as we cannot know whether the vote for the second-place leader was to express outright approval for his platform, or disapproval of the frontrunner's platform.

With MMP, a conservative can get the best of both worlds. He can choose to vote PC locally, and thereby thwart the Liberals at the local level. Then he vote for a smaller party to express his true intentions.This will keep large parties accountable. They will know that if the party vote for a smaller party is strong, that their base is dissatisfied with them, and that it is in their interest to readjust their platform. The voter has the satisfaction of knowing that his party vote can contribute to the elections of MPP's.

With MMP, the voter has a better chance of electing candidates and parties that he really wants to support, rather than just voting for the least of evils.

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